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Nov 26, 2020 | Linda Knisley | 536 views
Checking PlayPay account
Please check your playpay accounts to make sure you have in fact paid in full. The proper method to make payments (deposits and balance due) may not have been properly understood and this has caused some issues.   Many accounts still have balances owing.  

In your account click my payments.
Click payment history.

You should see payments totalling the cost for your child's division cost.  This would include the $203  deposit from September + the balance owing for your specific division to pay in full.   If the amount paid does not match,  you will need to make an additional payment to the association.

Some of the issues we are seeing:     
Some parents never paid the deposit, but paid the balance due. If this is the case in your account will likely show $0 owing,  when in fact you have missed the initial deposit of 203.00.  This amount must be paid as soon as possible to pay the account in full.   Once the initial season deposit is paid,  this may reflect a negative balance, but your payment history should show the total amount paid and the number of transactions made to get to the total for your division. 
Some parents made a single payment in full this is fine, but this situation will also reflect a negative balance in your playpay account, because the system sees your full payment as an overpayment of what was being asked for. Some parents made multiple payments on the deposit payment. This will also show as a negative balance. Anything paid over the deposit of 203.00 can be subtracted and the amount can be manually entered when making the balance due payment. 

So long as your combined transactions total your divisions full fee.  

We will be reaching out to those that have balances due. If you are not sure if things are correct, please reach out for help so we do not have to deny any skaters any ice unnecessarily. With this being our first season with playpay, the treasurer and registrar are noting all these issues that are arising and planning so we can avoid them next season.

Thanks for your understanding
Westpier Supplies
A big Thank You to Westpier Supplies for providing all the of pucks for Port Colborne Minor Hockey Association.