Payment Information (Port Colborne Minor Hockey)

PrintPayment Information

PCMHA will again be using as our on-line payment provider. It's fast, it's easy, costs are lower, and includes more options for payments. Payments will open when registration goes live for the season!


Click here to login to your existing PlayPay account, or here to create a new one. Then follow the steps below:


1. Select Port Colborne Minor Hockey to your personal organization list.

  • Click ‘my organizations’ and enter Colborne in Organization and click ‘Search’.
  • Select the association from the returned list and click ‘Next’.
  • Enter the player’s full name, dob (mm/dd/yyyy) and gender. Then select the level.
  • Click ‘Add Participant’ to add another player, or ‘Done’ if there are no other players to add.


2. You’re now ready to make payments!

  • Click ‘my payments’->’make a payment’ and enter the amount. You’ll see a summary of Amount Owed which can be paid partially or in full.
  • Choose from one of four ways to pay. There is an extra 2.5% convenience fee to pay by credit card, all other payment types are free. The transaction fees are incorporated into the total payment of each transaction.
  • You'll be notified by email when your payment is processed.


All members now have the ability to make unlimited number of payments at their convenience. Playpay will accept multiple payments until your balance is paid in full. Make daily, weekly or monthly payments of any amount until paid in full, right up until the final due date. This process calculates the processing fee based on the amount you enter for each payment and will total the same amount as if you paid one time in full.