Right of Choice (Port Colborne Minor Hockey)

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3.4 Right of Choice
OMHA Manual of Operations page.104 - Click here to reference

a) A player resident in a defined Shared Area shall be given a choice of the named Home Centres for which they may play.

*b) With respect to Regulation 3.3 d) for players resident in areas where there is no defined Centre or Shared Area, a player shall be given a choice of Home Centre when the difference in distance from or to their residence, over well-traveled roads, always measuring by the shortest possible route to the two (2) or more Centres concerned does not exceed eight (8) km, but will not be permitted to bypass a Centre to play for another Centre in the same general direction. The difference in distance shall always be determined by using the distance to the closest Centre for such calculation. The measurement shall always be from the main entrance of their residence to a location within such Centre(s) as designated with the OMHA.

c) Having made their choice of Home Centre under Regulation 3.4 a) or 3.4 b) through registration, such player shall remain a member of the Centre with which they have registered until properly released by that Centre, or until the Centre of which he/she is a resident operates a teams for which they are eligible.

d) A completed OMHA Right of Choice (ROC) form must be uploaded to the player's HCR profile prior to attending Evaluations for residency compliant programming.

Fort Erie ~ 3 Municipal Centre Drive, Fort Erie, ON L2A 2S6
Pelham ~ 39 Pelham Town Sq, Fonthill, ON L0S 1E0
Port Colborne ~ 184 Elm St, Port Colborne, ON L3K 0A0 
Thorold ~ 8 Clairmont St, Thorold, ON L2V 1R1
Welland ~ 60 East Main St, Welland, ON L3B 3X4 
West Niagara ~ 15 - 239 St Catharines, Smithville, ON L0R 2A0