Code of Conduct (Port Colborne Minor Hockey)

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The PCMHA is committed to providing a positive environment and a winning culture where all individuals are treated with respect. Being a member of this organization should be a positive, memorable experience for all - players, coaches, parents, and volunteers.

Coaches Code of Conduct

Coaches within PCMHA are expected to be leaders who believe in building a strong, positive, team atmosphere with their players.

Coaches will...

1.  Agree to follow all rules and regulations of the organization.
2.  Treat all players with respect, keeping in mind how they would want their own children to be treated.
3.  Focus on player development at the atom and peewee level, and adopt a more competitive focus at the bantam and midget level (as per Hockey Canada’s Long Term Player Development Plan).
4.  Be aware that their goal is to encourage and develop sportsmanship, skill, and love of the game of hockey.
5.  Conduct themselves in an exemplary manner, and behave in a way that they are a credit to their team, the PCMHA, and the game.
6.  Deal with parent concerns in a manner that is constructive and respectful.


Parents Code of Conduct

Parents within PCMHA are expected to be “team players”, who support their kids, coaches, and the organization, and who believe in building a positive, respectful atmosphere.

Parents will...

1.  Agree to follow all rules and regulations of the organization.
2.  Support the coaching staff of their child’s team, and the organization.
3.  Behave in a respectful manner toward officials, and opponents (including players, coaches and parents).
4.  Put the team ahead of their own personal agenda for their child.
5.  Let the coaches do their job. (Do not coach from the stands.)
6.  Abide by the 24 hour rule. (If you have an issue or concern to address with the coaching staff, wait at least 24 hours before making contact.)
7.  Treat the coaching staff in a constructive, respectful manner when an issue does arise.

Players Code of Conduct

1.  Players must always represent the Port Colborne Minor Hockey Association with class and dignity.
2.  Players must remember that having fun, improving skills, making friends and doing your best are important.
3.  Players must strive to be a team player.
4.  Players will respect the coaches, teammates, parents, opponents, facility employees and officials and understand that there are appropriate times and avenues to rationally discuss players concerns.
5.  Players will control their tempers on and off the ice. Obscene/abusive language and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in or around the rink.
6.  The use of alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs is expressly prohibited. Regardless of quantity, a player shall not: (1) use a beverage containing alcohol; (2) use tobacco (including chewing tobaccos); (3) use or consume, have in possession, buy, sell, or give away the substances mentioned above or any other controlled substance defined by law as a drug. This rule applies at all times. It is not a violation for a player to be in possession of a controlled substance specifically prescribed for a player’s own use by his or her physician.

Participant Code of Conduct 

1.      No swearing or abusive language on the bench, in the rink, or at any team function.

2.      No lashing out at any official no matter what the call is. The coaching staff will handle all matters pertaining to officiating.

3.      Anyone who receives a penalty will skate directly to the penalty box.

4.      There will be no drinking, smoking, chewing of tobacco or use illegal substance at any time.

5.      I will conduct myself in a befitting manner at all facilities (rink, hotel, restaurant) during all team functions.

6.      Any player or team official who cannot abide by these rules or violates them will be subject to further disciplinary action.